Thursday, October 12, 2017

Planner as a Card Organizer | Card | Steel Rule Die

I am very inspired by product and like to find different ways to get more use than the intended purpose.  I have a few ideas besides using the Fun Stampers Journey A5 planners and the A5 Page Creator Steel Rule die just for planners.  I created a card organizer!  This would be great too for bills, recipes, or as a memory planner!

I am starting with just three categories of cards:  All Occasion, Birthday, and Holiday.  I used the A5 Page Creator die to create a divider and a place to label each category.  Instead of using the full die cut page, I trimmed it down.  The die also creates these three different shaped tabs.  Using my typewriter (or you could use your computer and print or even handwrite), I labeled each one.  Then using a white liner sheet and clear view, I adhered one side of the white liner to the clear view sheet I trimmed down to just die cut the tabs, then peeled the other backing off the white liner and secured over the printed paper tabs.  Stapled those in place.  Adding the clear view over it gives the printed paper tab more stability.

Your fun planner accessories are still a perfect touch to your card organizer.  Don't forget to make a pretty label for your organizer as well.

I made four different pockets.  This first one is the full die cut with about a half of an inch trimmed from bottom, then folded and lined up with the holes.  Apply white liner strips along the edges to seal, leaving your pocket open at the top.

This next pocket using a full die cut sheet again with a second page die cut to trim in half to line up to the holes and adhere again on all sides leaving the pocket at the top open.

I got two pockets out of this one by using that other half from the second sheet to line up and adhere to the back as well.

The next pocket, I die cut two pages from the same printed paper.  On one, I lined up the corners in my trimmer and trimmed leaving me with this angled pocket.  I adhered the same way as the others.

All of my dividers match the same printed paper I used for the pockets.  Gives the organizer lots of layers.

This last pocket, I die cut two pages, trimmed one and adhered creating a vertical pocket the length of the die cut page.

You could really jazz up these pages with other printed paper or even cardstock and decorate with stamping.  I added just a little bit of washi here and there because I actually love the way my cards dress up the pockets!

After die cutting all those pages and tabs, you end up with more tabs leftover to use for another project.  I decided to use those leftover tags and create a card!

Using Pineapple Smoothie cardstock as my panel, I adhered the same shaped tab in a diagonal pattern.  As I adhered, I also turned them around, alternating their design.  Some like the rectangle, doesn't apply ;) But for the tab shape and the half circle, I did.  Then I used the half circle shape to create a butterfly in the center!  I stamped the center piece onto the tag and let the top (wing) stay open.  For the die cut branch, I used a piece I had played with earlier using the gel press and liquid colors.  Those rich colors give these soft colors a nice soothing pop!

So fun!  So many ways to use product!  Hope this inspires you to see these products in new ways.  And especially if you are not a planner person, this is a really fun alternative to using that gorgeous planner!  Be sure to shop for all planner supplies this October while 25% off!  Shop here.

Here is a list of the main supplies I used:

A5 Page Creator Steel Rule Die SR-0037
Journey Rectangles Die Set DI-0041
Blooming Petals Die Set DI-0327
Tag Set Steel Rule Die SR-0014
I Heart Days Planner JD-0041
Designers Choice Prints PP-0046

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Halloween Card and Planner | PanPastels and Embossing Folder | Craft Room Tour | Video

Happy Monday!  I had some issues doing a FB Live video with our FSJ Coaches, so I did a recording to demo a fun Halloween card, and thought I would share here on my blog as well.  But first, I wanted to do a quick introduction and tour of my Craft Space.

In the next video, you will see the demo of the Halloween card, but before you clean up, you can decorate your planner using the same products!  Here is the video:

And here are some photos of the how this came out with the embossing folder before or the PanPastels on my planner.

The Make Your Mark promotion is going on for the Month of October at Fun Stampers Journey.  You can get all the planner supplies for 25% off!  Shop here.

Here is a list of the Stamps, dies, and PanPastels used:
Hallows Eve Stamp Set SS-0515
Medallion Wreath Die Set DI-0250
Planner Elements Stamp Set SS-0402
Tape It Stamp Set SS-0400
Even & Odss Stamp Set SS-0529
Spooky Bold Embossing Folder EF-0022
Fab Tabs Small SR-0031
Party Pop PanPastels JM-0081

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

World Cardmaking Day | Be Brave Challenge

Happy World Cardmaking Day!  Fun Stampers Journey is celebrating by having three challenges throughout the day!  So stop by their Facebook page for fun ways to join in.  And another reason to get creative, is Fun Stampers Journey is having a Be Brave Card Drive during the month of October.  Send your cards into FSJ and they will be sending them to the Breast Cancer non-profit organization to give to patients.  Such a simple way to really help bring encouragement.

I am sharing two cards with the challenge to use ribbon in a unique way.  The unique way I used ribbon on my cards was to adhere the ribbon to another piece of cardstock stock with white liner tape, die cut a shape from my card panel, and layer that on top of my ribbon.

So here's my first card using the Pineapple Smoothie Crimp Ribbon under the Star Burst Bloom die.  I have my flower die cut from the panel, but also the die itself, so I did an inlay, by just adhering the die cut flower back in place, I also included the outside parts to fill in.  This is such a quick, simple, but beautiful technique, that really shows off the texture of the ribbon.

The first card is for the FSJ Card Drive, but this second card is for my husband for our 27th wedding anniversary.  This was a perfect technique for a non-feminine card, so I had to give it a try.  I used similar colors as the first card, but brought in more Fall colors.  For this card, I used the Wedding Sprig Die.  This only die cuts a solid sprig unlike the Star Burst Bloom in the first card, so I did not need to do an inlay.  I can see the pretty satin ribbon under it, which I love.

Both of these cards are great ways to use your ribbon stash, but also a quick clean and simple way to make some really pretty cards to help with the Card Drive.  They both also have the same basic design making them easy to duplicate.

Stop by Michelle Woerner's blog as she is also participating in this challenge as well!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Happy Creating!

Supplies Used:

Thinking of You Card:
Embroidered Greetings Stamp Set SS-0507
Star Burst Bloom Die Set DI-0325
Clear Pigment Ink IP-0102
Journey Gold - Embossing Powder IP-0101
Whip Cream Cardstock CS-0040
Kiwi Slice Cardstock CS-0016
Lemon Grass Cardstock CS-0019
Sweet Pear Cardstock CS-0095
Journey Brushed Gold Cardstock CS-0134
Pineapple Smoothie Crimp Ribbon AC-0109

My Husband Card:
In the Family Stamp Set SS-0462
Wedding Sprig Die DI-0165
Clear Pigment Ink IP-0102
Journey Gold - Embossing Powder IP-0101
Whip Cream Cardstock CS-0040
Lemon Grass Cardstock CS-0019
Sweet Pear Cardstock CS-0095
Olive Green Satin Ribbon AC-0107
Lemon Grass Satin Ribbon AC-0140
Cocoa Powder Satin Ribbon AC-0142
Oatmeal Cookie Satin Ribbon AC-0138
Citrus Cooler Satin Ribbon AC-0144

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Gel Press - Happy Birthday Card

Stopping in to share another card today.  Last week, I shared a card using PanPastels for coloring, for this card today, I used paints and the Gel Press!   Both the card last week and this one use leftovers on my desk.  Even though it might be a little messy with the paints, this was a super quick and also clean and simple card.

Here's a breakdown of the layers I created.  On the Gel Press, I put Beach Ball paint and Lemon Drop paint under the Beach Ball paint.  I kept them separate enough to roll them in the center to create green, but still seeing blue and yellow on the top and bottom.  I pressed Whip Cream cardstock into this.  Without rinsing brayer or Gel Press, I rolled leftover paint onto press, and pressed another piece of Whip Cream Cardstock.  I did this as much as I could.  I even pressed a sheet showing more white space, and is what I used to stamp my sentiment.

Next layer is with a clean brayer and Gel Press, I placed Abstract Wall stencil on press, and rolled Whip Cream acrylic paint with a squirt from Sour Lemon Splash.  You can see just a hint of the Sour Lemon at the top over the blue.  Lifted stencil, and then pressed this sheet into it.

Using the exact same size star die cut as I used on my card, I placed that on clean Gel Press and rolled Cool Pool on top.  Lifted the star, and pressed the sheet into press.

Last layer is just, Black Licorice True Color Fusion Ink Pad with Graduated Dots background stamp, stamped onto my panel.  I pressed my CS into the inked stamp rather than actually stamping onto my panel.

All of this creates depth and makes it 'appear' to be complicated, but really is not.

I also used a piece of the pressed CS with the blue and used that for my stamped arrow I layered under my sentiment.  Last finishing touch are the new Star Struck accessories.  Instead of peeling the back, I took Richard's tip and popped it out with foam adhesive, which gave me that banner look.  Three small foam pieces on the first, last, and the center star so I could get it exactly where I wanted it.

This is a card for my Hubby's birthday!  So hope he loves it!  The Gel Press is one my top favorite new things that Fun Stampers Journey has come out with, in addition to more acrylic paints!  The Media Mix sale is good for the month of September and if you are like me and need that creative, messy fix, now is a good time to purchase!  Happy Creating and thanks for stopping by!

Here's a list of the supplies I used:

You Sketch Stamp Set SS-0274
Graduated Dots SS-0117
You Sketch Die Set DI-0170
Journey Gel Press JM-0107
Beach Ball Acrylic Paint JM-0102
Lemon Drop Acrylic Paint JM-0103
Whip Cream Acrylic Paint JM-0106
Cool Pool Acrylic Paint JM-0020
Black Licorice True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0041
Sour Lemon Splash IP-0124
Abstract Wall Stencil JM-0083
Star Struck AC-0305

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

PanPastels - Happy Halloween Card

I have been playing a lot with the PanPastels lately.  I used them here using a few of the new Fun Stampers Journey Journey Holidays Trends Mini Catalog products.

After I used the embossing folder on Whip Cream cardstock, I blended Party Pop PanPastels onto my background, focusing the orange/yellow more in the center.

For the sentiment, I used clear pigment ink stamped onto Black Licorice cardstock, applied the white PanPastel first, then added the orange/yellow/blue.  Then I used the black PanPastel along the edge.  I love the look it gave to the sentiment!

For the month of September, Fun Stampers Journey is having a Media Mix here to see everything on sale.  So many fun things!

To finish my card, I used the White Liner sheets with the small web die, then sprinkled on the new Silver Shavings!  It worked out great, I do not get glitter everyone, it is sticking.  Then just added a few more embellishments.  This card came together quickly with using the leftovers on my desk after making other projects.  So before or while you clean up, let those leftovers inspire you to create one more project!

Thank you for stopping by!!

Supplies Used:
Happy Merry Stamp Set SS-0522

Spooky Bold EmbossingFolder EF-0022
Party Pop PanPastels JM-0081
Silver Shavings AC-0344
Magical Candy Drops AC-0263
Bloom Stars AC-0287
Rock Candy Organza Ribbon AC-0335
Simply Gold AC-0294

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

March Memory Keeping | Traveler Notebook

Cannot stop thinking about the Houston area after Hurricane Harvey and so many affects after it.  We had a good bit of rain here, and now the sun is shining.  It will be a long road ahead to recover.  Heartbreaking, and 12-yr anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Memories to forget...but they do make up who we are.

Onto more positive memories...sharing March in my Traveler Notebook.  Don't know if I mentioned before, but it did take me a little warming up to this format, but I really felt like I got my groove and my more recent pages are probably my most favorite.  Clean, simple, with just enough detail, letting the photos stand out.

We started the scrap room renovation!  Took photos as we tackled that.  I dragged along my typewriter to the crop where I worked on these pages, so I was able to type right onto those labels, then adhere to page.

I love all the fun goodies from the Gossamer Blue kit to decorate for the St. Patrick's parade...right amount, and used some of the ephemera from shopping at Target.  Will really miss those GB kits.  But again, I still use lots of Fun Stampers Journey throughout.

And the scrap room finished!  Emma has her space, I have mine...I could really use the entire space, but it is priceless for her to be with me.  She helped assemble the Ikea easy.  Been quite busy around here, purging the whole house really, but the scrap room was top priority so that I could really be more efficient at working for Fun Stampers Journey.  I kept some of my own things, but over time, I will have to re-evaluate especially for space.

Hubby headed out on the road for his first longest motorcycle ride.  The first experience was not good, but he learned from that one and the second, he had a blast.  Just Emma and I seeing Beauty and the Beast and Starbucks on St. Patrick's Day.

Emma with her painting she did for the school fundraiser with Zoe's.  We went out to eat there and bought her painting ;) And our traditional MiMamacita's night...happened to just hold out my phone and snap photos, and they were priceless...

Thank you for stopping by!  Praying for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

February Memory Keeping | Traveler Notebook

Happy Fri-YAY!  And happy to have finally taken the time to get photos of my Traveler Notebook to share!  I am almost finished with June, but will keep sharing months at a time instead of all at one time.  Still enjoying the smaller format of memory keeping.

I am using my Fun Stampers Journey Traveler Notebook, and I will mix their stamps, punches, dies, but since this is just for me, and a little time away from work, I mostly use the Gossamer Blue kits.  I am really sad to hear that after 5 years Lori is closing GB.  I'm extremely sad to hear.  I have loved being on her team in the past and have loved being a subscriber.

This is flipped from the image above, the little glassine envelope from the kits, I just taped it in to use in this opening spread for February.

Sometimes you find that right pocket card, and can still use it in your notebook, and it is a great way to fill up a page.

I really try to focus on my memory keeping as not just about my daughter, Emma, but of life and everyone in it.  This is a good example below, definitely more Emma, but a little of me with that book I seem to never finish and my obsession with Jamberry nails.

One of my most favorite spreads...I love the blurry photos from celebrating the Chinese New Year with Chinese adoptive families.  Emma's face is priceless.

And this is where I usually get caught up on my memory keeping is at crops.  This was the crop from February, so the theme was Mardi Gras.  I used one of Richard Garay's dies from his retail line called Media Venture.  I brought all the dies and a group of us played with them since they are perfect with Mardi Gras.  The ladies and Emma had so much fun cutting them and putting together.

Went old school on the photo on left below and wrote on my photo with a gel pen.  And again, I love it that it shows more about life.

More nail photos, I had to stop taking so many, I literally cannot be without them now.  And the happiest photo on the right below...purging scrap room and about to re-do it!

And last page is about Mardi Gras.  I really did not want this page to be as colorful as the page above from the crop.  So I pulled in neutrals, and then added the pops color to create a nice balance, and still able to keep most photos in color.

I always get so excited and remember why I love memory keeping when I look through this book.  Same for the planner.  I feel like the planner really is an extension of memory keeping.  It helps me remember what happened, I can include photos, even include journaling.  All of which really makes me want to make the time to do because it really just makes me so happy to look back on.

If you are local to me, it is time for another crop, this September.  You can find out more about it here.  I am so very excited to be teaching my first live, in-person class!  So I will be having some 'me' fun time at the crop and catching up on my TN again, but then teaching and working, which is kind of fun too really! :P I will be representing Fun Stampers Journey, so will be working along side a wonderful local coach to teach a planner class.  Here's some sneaks.  EEK so excited!

We will be walking through setting up for the new year doing January, February, and March.  I am so not ready for new year, but I had a blast putting these together.

You can see more ;) and see how to join the class on Scrap Dat's site here, just scroll down to the bottom of that page.

Thank you so much for stopping by as always.  I hope y'all have a great weekend and get something crafty done!

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